Frequently Asked Questions
What is B2B Meetings Tr?

It is an online platform that organizes one-on-one business meetings between Turkish and international companies, either through the internet or face-to-face.

How can I become a member of B2B Meetings TR?

You can create a new registration on the website or log in using the existing username and password from

How can I participate in events at B2B Meetings TR?

After completing your company registration, you can apply for the current event through the "events" tab. After reviewing your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

How do events work at B2B Meetings TR?

After receiving the applications for the current event, foreign and domestic participant companies will be matched, and meeting schedules will be planned and communicated via email.

How many representatives can participate from one company at B2B Meetings TR?

Up to 2 representatives can participate from each company.

Is registration on the B2B Meetings TR website paid?

No, it is not paid.

Are the business meetings at B2B Meetings TR paid?

Organization announcements provide details regarding whether there is a fee or not.